Looking back after three years ...

15 July, 2008. started my career with WebAccess as an Trainee Software Developer. Was just passed out from College with my bachelor degree from Information technology. So was very new to IT world. Very new to Mumbai. City I hated to go before, but felt in love with before leaving. I must say, WebAccess is the best place to start your career with. A mid size company with around 100 people, working on multiple platforms like JAVA, DotNET, PHP.  Before joining i was not even aware that I will be working on PHP. Was not having any idea what is php and how it works. We were given 2 months training for PHP.  Training days were the very busy days of my career, dont remember a day from those 2 months when I have left office @ 6   or you can say, our day use to get started at 6 PM. Lots of lectures, assignments, mini programs, Mini Projects  and very Strong deadlines :(.

But those were the days of learning, enjoyed a lot too. Thx to Pratham, Neha,  khyati, laxman, sushant, rajan, michael and all our seniors Rahul, Sarang, Anuradha and all Kurund sir, Claudi, manoj sir, milind sir, all time fav vishu . Cant name all of them here :P . then started our probation period. 3 long months to wait for get our confirmation. And at last we got it on time.
              Working in WA was something like to be on a roller-coaster,  working on many projects at a time, along with the development got to learn many management skills too. But at the same time you learn  lot. I left WA in Jan 2011. Before leaving met with an new batch joined in WA.  naughty brother like Pradeep,  Poonam , Good friend like Ajay, sweet sister like  Nisha and rest all ...  glad I meet so good friends before leving WebAccess. With that I left Mumbai too. It is so hard to leave a city you are in love with. 

Moved to bangalore in january. Joined Capgemini. Part of Drupal factory. 

Enjoying new place, new people and very good team members. Good and supportive team lead, mangers. thanks Veera, vignesh, JK, Bala Sir and Jayanti Sir. Its been now 6 months over here. Learning very new things and also lots of management skills. Dont want to predict my future but will surely make a good out of it !!!

Lastly I want to thank Tom K from Systemseed and Steve F from WebIndustries , working with them have helped me to increase my knowledge and learn some management stuff too ;)

Thanks WebAccess, you have taught and given lots of things.