Money Can Buy Happiness !!

Recently I received an email from my best buddy, who wrote an article about how “Money can't buy happiness“. I enjoyed reading the same for few mins until, I realized that I actually don’t agree with this fully.  Means, I absolutely believe that money is not everything but money can do lots of other things which can actually make you think that money can buy happiness... if spent correctly.

I have met people who have worked for years in same company while their buddies changed 10 other company in search of better opportunity and more $$$ packages. I may be wrong for some of you and right for some, if I say that the guy spending years in one company is more happier than the guys who switched. But yes there could be two possibilities, either that guy really enjoyed the work he do, he might be doing lots of miracle at his workplace every day, and he love his work (and not his job), and getting well paid or worth for what he do because of which he never thought of switching to another, OR he might be lazy who is getting paid same as what his friends getting after switching to new one, and so he is still sticking to his chair. Point I want to clarify here is that guy spending 10 years in one chair is happy at work and all is perfectly awesome, but because his employer is paying attention to his work and paying him for  what he is worth, is what matters and that may be in terms of benefits and also could be in money, and which ultimately keeps that guy happy at work. This is one of reason I believe that small companies are more successful in this matter, as they have time to pay attention to the same. So that doesn't matters to employer if he need to pay a 2 years experienced guy a salary of 5 years experienced geek, because he know that he deserves it.

I have read lots of articles trying to print in my mind that money cannot buy happiness, and even at some point I too got very much inspired by it that I actually transfered all my bank balance to my father’s account thinking I will get peace an make them happy. But I was wrong. I tried to do the same but in another way.  As soon I as I got paid for what I love to do, I transfered some amount to my parent, which was enough for them for daily expenses. Normally they use to get notified by SMS from bank saying “You have funds in account”, this time, I did a personal call and informed. I called up, asked about their health, discussed some family issues and hang up. This made me and them  I am sure more happy than it used to previously, after only doing a cash transfer or receiving an SMS.

Recently an research was done by giving $$ to group of people and asked few of them to spend it on themselves and for some to spend on others, people who spent for them  (like going out and getting themselves Beer or Starbucks coffee ) didn’t found any change in their life and not much happiness also. But who spent on others like, buying coffee for old grandma or buying gifts for an orphanage were more happy, they felt a sense of social responsibility and got the happiness out of giving (of course some credit goes to those money also ). So what matters is how that money was spent.

Money could buy happiness, but only if it is spent wisely. I started my career with a company which was having a strength of around 80 - 90, I was getting enough paid and most important timely , I learned a lots of things over there and was correct decision of joining it. But after spending 2 years, I thought I was doing the same things again and again, there was no innovation, and before that again and again went on for 2 months, I thought of switching, and I moved to Capgemini, a company with more than around 100000 employees. At start it took around a month to get use to it. I was offered a very good salary and even there was chance I could go onsite. But I left it after a year, the reason for this was not money or work, but was of location, I asked for a relocation (where they had their branch too) and they didn't, so I finally said bye. Point here is that it was possible for the company to allow me relocation with a little overhead of money, but they didn't. Again, a little money could have worked over here.

Lastly I don't say that money is everything, but if you have sources to make money, go ahead, turn your passion ON and make money, there is nothing wrong in it. It won't ruin your life until you allow it. YES IT WON'T UNTIL YOU ALLOW IT. There is no point in sitting in coach in front of TV watching ADs. Money making needs your time, but not your precious time, its the time you spent in front of TV watching some nonsense Ads and masala movie.  

      When you invest this time in making money, it will actually help you to make time out of it for thoseprecious moments which will make you more happy. The moment when your wife is in operation theatre and you are gonna be Daddy, it will allow you to be there. It will allow to be present at the time when your kid stands on to his own feet first time, go with him for his report card day, see him on his first stage presentation, or watch your parent spending Happy time with their whole family. There is nothing called busy and its all about priorities. So if you wisely do the same, you can buy happiness and money too could help you do it. But in order to do it, its  important to make money :) , so enough reading, if you now believe money could  help you buy some of the happiness, go ahead and make it. But make sure not at the cost of those precious moments and those beautiful relations.