Goals of my life !!!

                                             So this is surely something which you would not expect from me, but yes I am gonna do it. I am going to publish my list of goals which I want to fulfill in this Amazing life. You may ask me, why to publish it, my only reason is that I want to take this opportunity to make you think about your life goals, understand the importance of the having goals in life, which will motivate you to think, to become more and more better and ultimately make you master of what you are best at, but it will happen only if you keep chasing your goals.

It may happen that I may not be able to achieve all of my goals in this small life, but I will not let it go, I will atleast go for it and try to chase them.

May be categorizing the goals would be good. So here is the list, its not prioritize yet. :D

Career Goals:

#1. Create a Company/Product that changes or revolutionize the style or use of that product.

#2. Excel every day a bit in what I do.

#3. Learn something new at least every month, something which I have never done/implemented.

#4. Continue to contribute to the Opensource Technology/Engagement in Community.

#5. Give my 100% @ work.

Friends/Relations Goals :

#1. Give enough time to friends

#2. Be polite to listen to friends, share their problems as if those are yours.

#3. Go on Timely vacations with friends.

Family Goals :

#1. Find out Mom & Dad’s dream or unfulfilled goals and complete them.

#2. Buy some decent land and build a home for Parents and Siblings.

#3. Support my family and make sure they are financially secure (for next few months) even if something goes wrong with me.

#4. Give lots of lots of respect and love

#5. Make out proper family time, vacations and celebrate festivals together.

#6. Atleast once, but give a special gift for each member of family on a same day.

#4. Cook for family sometimes.

Marriage  Goals :

#1.  ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----

#2. Celebrate our 50th-75th-100th Birthday Together.

#3. Date her weekly, if not possible to go out, within home, over terrace may be :)

#4. Give her, her own space. Respect eachother.

#5. Help her to fulfill her goals.

#6.  ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----

#7. ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----

Parenting Goals :

#1. Take vacations with family whenever possible

#2. Capture the childhood of children from birth, till they are 15.

#3. Watch Cartoon with Kids, make some time to study with them.

#4. Respect their privacy, be their friend at same time.

#5. See kids getting married to one whom they love.

#6. Make them a good Human being.

Personal Goals :

#1. Be yourself, Be content, Be Happy, Always !!

#2. Excel in Swimming. (I scare right now :\ ) and Later learn Surfing.

#3. Live- Eat - Think healthy, always.

#4. Keep blogging, sharing, tweeting, sometimes facebooking.

#5. Do what you love and Love what you do.

#6. Respect-Respect-Respect all.

#7. Talk to yourself daily, at-least for few mins.

#8. Live Debt Free, keep family debt free. Make enough money to give proper life and education to kids, family.

#9. Start a foundation that helps orphans / old age to survive.

#10. Continue solo trips. Travel - Travel - Tarvel !!! - Capture Travel in videos

#11. Read 500+ books.

#12.  ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----

#13. ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----

#14. ---- PERSONAL, cannot disclose -----


With time, surely my goals may change, increase, but will try not to stop chasing them !!