Drupal Camp Delhi - #drupacampdelhi

Last week attended Delhi drupal camp  along with Sushant ( @sushantpaste ) and Tanmay ( @itanmay01 ). Was an 2 day event (Nov 9 - 10) with some good drupal sessions  (around 26) followed by code sprint.  The venue was JNU, Delhi. (Jawaharlal Nehru University), which was surely the best choice for such a huge event.

Around 400 attendeed came across from different parts of India.

 This count surely made this event even more special and successful. IMO this was the biggest count I have seen in any drupal camp held in India. And nearly half of those were the begginers and new to Dupal. This shows how Drupal is flourishing in India. Before continuing I would surely like to thank all those who made this event possible (Shyamala ( @shyam_raj ), Vinay Dora ( @2catch22 )  and Mayank Chadha ( @life_etcetera )), and also special thanks to Acquia  ( @acquia ) and supporting organizations for being so supportive.

Day 1 :
Day 1 started with the registration and getting up all set for the exciting day. At around ~10:30, the  day started with Broadcast by Holly Ross ( @drupalhross )

Was good to hear from her, how Indian community is contributing  a lot to drupal and whats more there for India from Drupal and From India to Drupal. Thanks Holly cross ( @drupalhross )

Then was the keynote delivery from Jacob Singh ( @JacobSingh ).  Must say, as always I am fan of the way he presents and his sense of humor. Last time I heard him was @ drupal camp in Pune. He focused on sales in drupal. And he explanned how "WE (Drupal Community) ARE WINNING ". Here is one of the fact he shared with all  :

Thanks Jacob ( @JacobSingh ).

After this we took a break for Coffee and then started the sessions. I decided to attened the UI/UX Event, @sushant went for Drupal 8 : Our new world session, and @itanmay01 (who loves to hack ;)) went on to Hack your Drupal application session. There were wonderful takeaways from all these sessions.

Post lunch, we attended the session by Tanay  Sai ( @saitanay )who presented the tips on what not to do in Drupal. One of the good point he mentioned :

After that there was an good case study presentation on one of the finest website built in drupal (http://campusdiaries.com/) by @RajChourasia21 who works at @Campus_Diaries . You must register and see how the website is been built with such a good page load performance. Thanks @Campus_Diaries .

Day 2
Day 2 was dedicated to Code sprint. Around 50 developers joined and started working on the Core issues. Shyamala ( @shyam_raj ) has written up an wonderful statistcs of the Sprint day here : http://www.unimitysolutions.com/blog/drupal-camp-delhi-core-drupal-8-sprint . Thanks @shyam_raj .

Before I wind up, would like to thank all the presentors at camp and also VijayaChandran Mani ( @vijaycs85 ) who flyed from london to attend the camp and mentored us on code sprint. Thanks @vijaycs85 .

Our contribution to core on code sprint :
@itanmay01 : Backport of : https://drupal.org/comment/8161355#comment-8161355 to D7
@sushantpate : Reroll of : https://drupal.org/node/2096371#comment-8179241
@rahulbile : Backport of : https://drupal.org/node/1504522 to D7

It was supposed to end up @ 1 PM, but went on till evening. Me, Sushant ( @sushanpaste ) and Tanmay ( @itanmay01 ) left early as we had already some plans to explore delhi. We spent next 2 days visting Tajmahal @ Agra and some of the sites in delhi itself.  Here you can see pics of same.  : https://plus.google.com/photos/102030215185276122650/albums/594678217763...

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If so, make sure you share it with tag #drupalcampdelhi . Cheers, see you all @ next drupal camp.