Come for software, stay for the Community !!!

I have been working on Drupal for more than 6 years now, started my career with it, and ultimately fell in love with the piece of software which is serving millions of websites over web. Have been using and contributing to the community of the Drupal since I started, and must say, this is one of the best opensource community I have been a part of. This year was very special for me in terms of community engagement. I was able to attend my first DrupalCon, held in Europe, Amsterdam between 29th September to 3rd October, 2014.  Thanks to my Team at Systemseed who gave me this opportunity to be part of the event. And at same time this was the first time I met my distributed / remote development Team. We have been working together for a long time but this was the first time we met personally and ofcourse the perfect meetup place. It was pleasure meeting all. And here is were we stayed during that week. Thanks to Parrish ( @packandpanthers ) to making all this arrangements for us, surely you were missed buddy.

This DrupalCon witnessed the largest number of attendees, 2300 attendees, from 64 countries. And now that is what excites me more, it gave an opportunity to meet most of the core community members, contributors of major drupal modules, attend amazing session and ofcourse see the beauty of Amsterdam. As per tradition it started with the key note of Dries who always give good presentation on state of Drupal. More info on this whole presenatation here. Drupal 8 first beta release was announced, which was a important announcement at the event. One more exciting key note was from Cory Doctorow, (  a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger -- the co-editor of Boing Boing (, and a contributor to The Guardian, the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wired, and many other newspapers, magazines and websites.  His keynote can be seen here.  Rest all session videos can be seen here. Thanks to committee for that.

Here is the picture of me and Tom Kirkpatrick ( @mrfelton ) at code sprints on last day of the DrupalCon. 

And below is my whole Team

Over all this was such a awesome experience.  Below are the links to photo Album from my Europe trip.

Team meetup @ Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Paris with my travel Buddy Saahas