[Drupal 6] VIews : Get the total rows and Field Values in Header

While using drupal views module and creating a view of nodes, if you need to display the total number of the rows returned by views in footer, also do some totals of a particular field returned by views, you can do so by below code.

There are also modules which allow us to do the same , but in case where our requirement is minimal and we do not want to install another module this way is good I think !!!!  Code :  For example  your filed name is paymant_total and you want to show the number of rows (payments ) and the total of amount. then the code would be :

Different Email to Webform Submitter

When you install the Drupal Webform Module, after submitting the form, users are sent mail with the data they have filled through the form. What if you want to send customized email to the submitter ? Below is a simple solution.

When u add a email field, do not check the " E-mail a submission copy " checkbox.
Instead in the webform form settings i'e " Webform advanced settings -> Additional Processing: " add the below code.